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Code of Ethics Policy






4010.1  Trustee Conduct: The Board of Trustees of the Fresno Westside Mosquito Abatement District is committed to providing excellence in leadership that results in the provision of the highest quality of services to its constituents.  In order to assist in the government of the behavior between and among members of the Board of Trustees, the following rules shall be observed.


4010.1.1 The dignity, style, values and opinions of each Trustee shall be respected.


4010.1.2 Responsiveness and attentive listening in communication is encouraged.


4010.1.3 The needs of the District's constituents should be the priority of the Board of Trustees.


4010.1.4 The primary responsibility of the Board of Trustees is the formulation and evaluation of policy.  Routine matters concerning the operational aspects of the District are to be delegated to professional staff members of the District.


4010.1.5 Trustees should commit themselves to emphasizing the positive, avoiding double talk, hidden agendas, gossip, backbiting and other negative forms of interaction.


4010.1.6 Trustees should commit themselves to focusing on issues and not personalities.  The presentation of the opinions of others should be encouraged.  Cliques and voting blocks based on personalities rather than issues should be avoided.


4010.1.7 Differing viewpoints are healthy in the decision-making process.  Individuals have the right to disagree with ideas and opinions, but without being disagreeable.  Once the Board of Trustees takes action, Trustees should commit to supporting said action and not create barriers to the implementation of said action.


4010.1.8 Trustees should practice the following:


4010.1.8.1 In seeking clarification on informational items, Trustees may directly approach professional staff members to obtain information needed to supplement, upgrade, or enhance their knowledge to improve decision-making.


4010.1.8.2 In handling complaints from residents and property owners of the District, said complaints should be referred directly to the Manager.


4010.1.8.3 In handling items relating to safety, concerns for safety or hazards should be reported to the Manager or to the District office.  Emergency situations should be dealt with immediately by seeking appropriate assistance.


4010.1.8.4 In presenting items for discussion at Board meetings, see Policy # 5020.


4010.1.8.5 In seeking clarification for policy-related concerns, especially those involving personnel, legal action, land acquisition and development, finances and programming, said concerns should be referred directly to the Manager.


4010.1.9 When approached by District personnel concerning District policy, Trustees should direct inquiries to the appropriate staff.  The chain of command should be followed.


4010.2.0 The work of the District is a team effort.  All individuals should work together in the collaborative process, assisting each other in conducting the affairs of the District.


4010.2.1 When responding to constituent requests and concerns, Trustees should be courteous, responding to individuals in a positive manner and routing their questions through appropriate channels and to responsible management personnel.


4010.2.2 Trustees should develop a working relationship with the Manager wherein current issues, concerns and District projects can be discussed comfortably and openly.


4010.2.3 Trustees should function as a part of the whole.  Issues should be brought to the attention of the Board as a whole, rather than to individual members, selectively.


4010.2.4 Trustees are responsible for monitoring the District's progress in attaining its goals and objectives, while pursuing its mission.


4010.2.5 Trustees and administrative employees are given a minimum of two hours of Ethics training every two years, as required by California law. 


4010.3  District Code of Ethics: This policy is intended to provide clear, positive statements of ethical behavior reflecting the core values of the District and the communities it serves. The Code includes practical strategies for addressing ethical questions and a useful framework for decision-making and handling the day-to-today operations of the District. The Code is developed to reflect the issues and concerns of today's complex and diverse society.


4010.3.1  As a representative of the Fresno Westside Mosquito Abatement District, I will uphold the following values: 


4010.3.1.1: I will be ethical. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I am trustworthy, acting with the utmost integrity and moral courage. I am truthful. I do what I say I will do. I am dependable. 

b) I make impartial decisions, free of bribes, unlawful gifts, narrow political interests, financial, and other personal interests that impair my independence of judgment or action.

c) I am fair, distributing benefits and burdens according to consistent and equitable criteria. 

d) I extend equal opportunities and due process to all parties in matters under consideration. If I engage in unilateral meetings and discussions, I do so without making voting decisions or any improper or unauthorized representations on behalf of the District. 

e) I show respect for persons, confidences, and information designated as "confidential." 

f) I use my title(s) only when conducting official District business for information purposes or as an indication of background and expertise carefully considering whether I am exceeding or appearing to exceed my authority.

 g) I will avoid actions that might cause the public or others to question my independent judgment.

 h) I maintain a constructive, creative, and practical attitude toward the District’s affairs and a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant.


4010.3.1.2 I will be professional. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I apply my knowledge and expertise to my assigned activities and to the interpersonal relationships that are part of my job in a consistent, confident, competent and productive manner. 

b) I approach my job and work-related relationships with a positive, collaborative attitude. 

c) I keep my professional education, knowledge, and skills current and growing


4010.3.1.3 I will be service-oriented. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I provide friendly, receptive, courteous service to everyone. 

b) I attune to and care about the needs and issues of citizens, public Officials and District workers. 

c) In my interactions with constituents, I am interested, engaged and responsive. 


4010.3.1.4 I will be organized. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I act in an efficient manner, making decisions and recommendations based upon research and facts, taking into consideration short and long term goals. 

b) I follow through in a responsible way, keeping others informed and responding in a timely fashion. 

c) I am respectful of established District processes and guidelines


4010.3.1.5 I will be fiscally responsible. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I make decisions after prudent consideration of their financial impact, taking into account the long-term financial needs of the District, especially its financial stability. 

b) I demonstrate concern for the proper use of District assets (e.g., personnel, time, property, equipment, funds) and follow established procedures. 

c) I make good financial decisions that seek to preserve programs and services for District residents. 

d) I have knowledge of and adhere to the District’s Purchasing and Contracting and Allocation of Funds Policies.


4010.3.1.6 I will be communicative. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I positively convey the District's care for and commitment to its citizens.

 b) I communicate in various ways, that I am approachable, open-minded, and willing to participate in dialog. 

c) I engage in effective two-way communication, by listening carefully, asking questions, and determining an appropriate response which adds value to conversations.

As a representative of [District name], I will be collaborative. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I act in a cooperative manner with groups and other individuals, working together in a spirit of tolerance and understanding. 

b) I work towards consensus building and gain value from diverse opinions.

 c) I accomplish the goals and responsibilities of my individual position, while respecting my role as a member of a team. d) I consider the broader regional and state-wide implications of the District's decisions and issues


4010.3.1.7 I will be progressive. In practice, this value looks like: 

a) I exhibit a proactive approach to setting goals and conducting the District's business. 

b) I display a style that maintains consistent standards; but is also sensitive to the need for compromise.

c) I promote intelligent and thoughtful innovation in order to forward the District's policy agenda and District services. 


4010.3.2 Enforcement: Any Official found to be in violation of this Code may be subject to Censure by the District Board. Any member of any advisory Committee found in violation may be subject to dismissal from the Committee. In the case of an employee, appropriate action shall be taken by the General Manager or by an authorized designee.


Updated, October 2021

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