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Invasive Mosquitoes

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Aedes aegypti, the “yellow fever mosquito”, appeared in the cities of Madera and Clovis in 2013.  This was the first detection of the species in California.  Since then it has spread throughout the Central Valley and Southern California.  It is an aggressive day-biting mosquito that is capable of transmitting Zika and other imported viruses.  Aedes aegypti is a small, black and white mosquito.  The female bites throughout the day and often feeds around the lower extremities.  It will readily enter homes and continue to bite while inside.

Aedes aegypti has been detected in Firebaugh, Mendota, and Tranquility.  Active breeding (multiple generations and life stages) has been detected in Firebaugh in 2017 and Mendota in 2019.  See below for a map of recent Aedes aegypti detections:

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