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Enabling Legislation

  1. Mosquito Abatement and Vector Control District Law: The primary legislation governing MVCDs is found in Division 3, commencing with Section 2000 of the California Health and Safety Code. This law outlines the comprehensive framework for the formation, operation, governance, and powers of MVCDs in the state.
  2. Formation and Governance: Sections 2020 to 2053 detail the procedures for the formation of districts, including petitions, hearings, and the composition and appointment of the board of trustees responsible for the oversight of the district.
  3. Powers and Duties: The scope of activities and powers granted to MVCDs, including the authority to conduct vector control operations, public education programs, and research activities, is outlined in Sections 2060 to 2075.
  4. Funding and Financial Provisions: Sections 2080 to 2093 address the financial aspects of MVCD operations, including the authority to levy assessments and taxes, issue bonds, and other mechanisms for funding district activities.
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